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 Since 2016

Betty Art Studio was founded in Trumbull Connecticut in 2016, by artist and teacher Betty Jia. Studio provides painting and drawing classes for 4 years old kids to adults. All programs are individualized for each group, depending on their age and experience level. For beginner students, they will learn basic knowledge of painting and drawing, and use different materials to create various art projects. For more advanced students, they will practice more and learn some advanced skills. Professional art portfolio preparation tutor is also provided for student during his/her college application process.

Betty Jia, Fine Arts Teacher and founder of Betty Art Studio, has been evolved in children education and teaching painting classes for more than 15 years. Currently Betty is a member of National Art Education Association.

Betty Jia was born in Qingdao, Shandong, where her family produced three generations of creative paintings. Her grandfather, Mr. Jia Qingqing, is well known for Chinese oil painting in 1960s. Betty’s passion started at an early age, while observing her uncle, Mr. Jia Bo, who is known for oil painting and art education, and her father, Mr. Jia Ke, who is renowned for traditional Chinese painting.

Being an admirer of her family, Betty started to learn pencil sketch and painting skills. As her interest grew, she attended many art contests, exhibitions, and ceremonies, where she got plenty of recognition and rewards. Before immigrating to the U.S. with her family, Betty received admission letters from top tier art academies such as China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Not wanting to give up her passion and family tradition, she took advanced art studies in Yale University and founded Betty Art Studio. As a fine arts teacher, Betty primarily focuses on pencil sketching, oil painting, and acrylic painting. 

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